End Times for the Grease Pit neighborhood bike shop alleycat party

d00ds I guess 2:30 at the bench is all you need to know if you do these things on a habitual basis. Bike down and show your support for a community resource for West Bank cyclers. I'll be the one on the single speed Batavus Monte Carlo going really slow and looking lost because I'm a St. Paul boy and I am not hip to the 612. Don't miss it...

Weird Bikes and Collectables

Over the past couple of months We've been shuffling bikes around and found some real gems stashed in the corners of our dead-storage area. In the past stuff has gone in and hasn't seen daylight in years! But most of it's old bikes and frames that just need too much work to turn around quickly and frankly, we haven't had the time or people to do it. These really are project bikes that require someone dedicated to bike restoration; someone who would take their time and scrub every bit of rust off and put in new bearings or at least clean and regrease them. But there is not very many of those people around either. There are some, because I've met a few of them in the British 3-speed crowd. Those are cool old bikes.
Yesterday we just got a pair of 1970's Kalkhoff ten speeds made in "West Germany." The paint is still in pretty good condition but they need some rust removal and new tires and cables. Someone deserves to be riding around on these german bikes. They are oddballs but uniqueness is worth something right? We get a lot of stuff like that in. That's because the Sibley Bike Depot is a bicycle recycler. We recycle bikes and try to get the one's running that we can, and the other one's we scrap and strip off useable parts to be re-used on other bikes. All the bikes are donated to us so we try to make the most out of them and save as many as we can from the dump. So in a way we kind of feel obligated to hold on to the oddballs and collectables because they deserve to be restored. And people need authentic parts for their collectables. Since we see a lot of bikes come through, we are a main front in saving a part of history. On the Lake Pepin 3-speed Tour last Spring there were about 50 British 3-speed nuts riding around Lake Pepin on totally restored bikes. It was very cool and fun. My bike is an 1964 Armstrong. After rebuilding it, it's like a brand new bike and it's almost as old as me! I'm having a lot of fun with it. I've never been into things like this and don't really have a desire to start a bike collection but I am having fun working on some of these old things and restoring them to almost-new condition. I just wish I had more time to do it. haha.

Bicycle Film Festival 24-hour feature film challenge

I'll have more to say about the BFF, if I remember, later. The important thing for now is get yourself down to the Bell Museum at 7pm tonight to participate in the 24-hour feature film challenge! Each team films five minutes of a movie, the punchline is, you only know what happens in your five minutes of the plot. Submissions are due at 7pm tomorrow and the Frankenstein's monster of a film will be screened a week later. No word about what size groups they're looking for or whatever, but you have a whole day to wrangle up a crew. Do it.

Scallywags Bike Club

Hey, the Scallywags updated their site. They have a bike shop (open now?), what a scrappy bunch. Good new stuff, read about the collapsible tallbike and a trip to the slums of Sao Paulo.

Another Safety Rodeo

Bike Depot volunteers are helping kids at another Bike Safety Rodeo this morning at the Hancock Recreation Center (1610 hubbard ave, st paul). Looks like this one costs a few bucks to attend, but they have a lot of activities planned and I think it's being run by local police officers.

the ghost ride is tonight!

I'm aware that this is short notice, but tonight (5/17/06), there is a "ghost ride" taking place in Minneapolis. The purpose of the ride is to honor fellow cyclists who have been injured or killed in accidents while raising general awareness to the public.

This ride is taking place in cities across the nation, and the Minneapolis ride begins at 7PM, departing from the small parking lot at the west end of the Stone Arch Bridge. Riders are asked to wear a black armband, and helmets are required. The ride will be done in silence and is approximately 10-12 miles long. I encourage you to head up to downtown Minneapolis this evening to participate in this rolling memorial if at all possible.

A small ride is leaving from the Hiawatha Cyclery (located at 54th St and 42nd Ave in South Mpls) to ride up to the starting point in a group. This pre-ride is departing at 6:15pm.

Bike Safety Rodeo

Tomorrow at 10:00 AM, volunteers from the Sibley Bike Depot will be helping to set up and run a Bike Safety Rodeo together with The West Side Safe Neighborhood Council. We'll be at St. Matthews at 497 Humboldt Ave. If you live on the West Side, show up with your wee ones and be prepared for cycling FUN. It sounds like there will be cone-dodging, slow-speed races and prices to be handed out, including maybe free bikes? There will also be some bikes and supplies available for sale.